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Erasmus+ projects

Erasmus+ Project “There is Sea and Sea… there is an Entire Ocean to Take Care of”

The aim of the project “There is Sea and Sea… there is an Entire Ocean to Take Care of”, with the acronym OceanCare (2020-2022), is to raise awareness of human influence on the oceans.

They allow to verify the effects of plastic on the ocean in loco and delineate/develop actions that aim to minimize this impact, involving the local community, encouraging them to change habits and behaviors.

By encouraging fieldwork in coastal areas, this project meets the new trends in education, which favor the teaching of transversal themes, through experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Participants: Complex of Schools Moinhos da Arroja (Portugal), Narlidere Sidika Akdemir Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi (Turkey), Sakala Eragumnaasium (Estonia), Istituto Comprensivo Statale Nereto Sant’Omero Torano Nuovo (Italy), and Angel Kanchev Third Secondary School (Bulgaria).

Start of Project: 01.09.2020
End of Project: 31.08.2022

  • Criteria for selecting participants for project trips

    Mobility participants should be students with initiative and willingness to participate in the project who 

    • care about the environment, and express concerns about the ocean pollution in particular; 
    • willingly help to recycle waste at school and at home; 
    • are interested in doing research to see what our school can do to save the planet and the ocean in order to find environmentally friendly solutions and implement them; 
    • who demonstrate collaborative and social skills; 
    • who reveal good academic performance and decent behavior. 

Erasmus + Project «Teachers should always be students»

The aim of the project is increasing the level of professionalism and competencies of the teachers as well as enhancing their own language awareness to become more competent and confident users of the English language.

Within the framework of the project, the teachers of English participated in several structured courses in the UK to acquire new teaching tools and approaches in order to better students performance and gain creative ideas to be used both in the classroom and extra curricular activities.

The completed courses were:
lish participated in several structured courses in the UK to acquire new teaching tools and approaches in order to better students performance and gain creative ideas to be used both in the classroom and extra curricular activities.

«Motivating Materials for the Secondary Classroom» – lower-secondary, «Advanced Language, and Methodology of Culture» – gymnasium level , « Contemporary English and British Culture»- upper-secondary and «Creative Teaching in the Secondary Classroom»

Start of Project: 30.06.2018
End of Project: 



KA229 – School Exchange Partnerships Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Plus

The main aim of the project is to provide our students with the opportunity to simulate creation and management of micro-enterprises in different sectors of economy. The partner schools from Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, and Spain are intended to teach their 6-to-14-year-old pupils how to build a simple business plan and help them gain entrepreneurial experience during primary and basic education. The economic sectors involved in the project are supposed to be as follows: Primary sector (farms, nurseries, floriculture) Secondary sector (local crafts) Tertiary sector (trade, tourism, other services) We expect our students to become aware of the mechanisms of entrepreneurship and the figures that interact in the operation of various productive realities.

Start of Project: 01.09.2018
End of Project: 31.08.2020

KA101 – School education staff mobility “Motivated students are brought up by inquisitive teachers”

The project involved 3 teachers of English working with pupils of different levels and a German teacher whose target group are gymnasium students. They attended the structured courses in the UK and Austria. Teacher A was involved in the course” Österreich für jeden Geschmack” ( “Austria for every taste|”) in Gratz, Teacher B took part in the course “Modern British Culture” in Oxford , teacher C participated in “Drama Techniques for the Classroom“ in Canterbury, teacher D took a course on “Creative Activities and Motivating Materials for the Secondary Classroom” in Dunfermline, Scotland. It is undeniable that the course partakers enhanced their English and German language skills, professional competences, developed teaching skills and obtained a lot of practical tools for teaching foreign languages. It resulted in students’ higher involvement and their better academic achievements in general. The lectures on the UK studies, workshops on classroom management and CLIL were included into the trainings. As a result, new materials were added to the course of British studies and lessons “Focus on Scotland” were introduced to the younger students of Sakala school and the students of after-school clubs conducted at our school. Moreover, sessions on drama and improvisation helped the teacher to improve students’ communication skills, self-confidence and effective interaction in class. The ideas obtained while studying in Austria encouraged the German teacher to use the resources from the course to make her lessons more efficient and entertaining. The project experience and practical approaches were used in carring out different extra-curricular events, festivals, contests and a summer camp. In addition, the course participants used the established contacts ( with the teachers from other countries, lecturers and host families) to exchange the ideas and discuss professional issues they face in their everyday work. Furthermore, the teachers introduced Estonia and inspired their new partners to visit our country and learn more about its culture. To sum up, sharing the gained experience and knowledge with the co-workers and various target groups, will hopefully make both language teaching and learning more beneficial.
Start of Project: 01.06.2017
End of Project: 31.05.2018

KA219 – Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only. SLAM (Sharing Legends and Myths)

The participants of the project were: Sakala Eragumnaasium (Tallinn, Estonia), Hristo Botev Primary School (Sliven,Bulgaria), Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.1 Gura Humorului ( Gura Humorului, Romania), P.E.I González Valverde S.L.L ( Murcia, Spain) The theme of the project, Sharing Legends and Myths,was considered as appropriate and beneficial to all participants and empowering the teachers to effectively involve the students into the learning process, thus improving not only their literacy but foreign language skills as the project was run in English. Students were involved in researching the legends of their countries and producing their own creative understanding of the reading material (translations into English and native languages, making presentations, creating comics and sketches), through which objectives of the project were achieved. Partner schools had 4 meetings where the students had a great chance to hear the legends presented and taught by guest-teachers from partner schools. Through the project, the students were developing communication, IT, and writing skills, gained new factual knowledge and valuable experiences and competences. Final products include: – a magazine based on comics on the national legends, -Teaching Kit containing lessons based on national legends translated into English ,- a video recording of teachers’ performance in the internationally staged play,-Web-quest based on national legends . All of these materials will be available and beneficial for further use by partner schools as well as other educational institutions and libraries.
Start of Project: 01.09.2016
End of Project: 29.07.2018